Our Brand

DENPOO, our flagship brand of the company, covers a complete range of Denpoo products. It comprises of small home appliances category such as rice cookers, electric kettles, table fans, hair dryers, food processor, iron to name a few and big home appliances category such washing machine, water dispenser, air conditioners, chest freezer, refrigerated show cases and even gas cooker to name a few.


DENPOO persists with its strategy of taking the initiative in order to continue as an agile, highly dynamic brand in responding and catering to the ever-changing needs of the people, with the aspiration for consistent growth of a world class business standard. In parallel with its ambition to grow, Denpoo strive to help people live a better life.


Denpoo integrated emphasis in research; manufacturing and distribution process helps to enrich the people’s lifestyle. We believe that everyone deserve a daily quality living. We are committed in creating a better life for all people through providing complete diverse range of innovative, yet affordable products with quality assurance. That is our promise to you.